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About the program

in this website i present some kind of earning money online with ease.

there are many methods of making money online but in this project i am presenting the simple ways for making money online.

i tried to work in some of these websites, i got profit (some earnings) from some of these sites, and some sites not paying (scam warning) and you must avoid these sites, if you find any of these sites, please don't waste your time in clicking ads on these sites.

but you must pay attention for any website that offer high pay clicking ads or investing some kind in order to get return, most of them will turn into scam sites.

in my website (this little project) i put the most known and tested websites in this field, these sites were paying for years and still.

also i put some sites to test their honesty.

this page is under construction

i'll make update on this page soon.

please visit my blog about PTC websites, keep in touch with me and read my latest news and updates, please wait for a while.

thank you.