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introduction & instructions

it's simple to start, it's easy to make money via this method, follow these few instructions, step by step for best results, you can make more in PTC sites if you start to invest in advertising.

you need to manage your time for clicking ads daily, from time to time, from site to site, i grouped some good sites for you to start earning money.

you need to register/open at least 2 (two) of electronic bank accounts of the list below:--

i recommend registering/opening a paypal and payza account for all global payments and most powerful banking services, it's easy to use, manage, send and receive (money) payments online, safely and securely, beside of that it's free of charge, so you can open your accounts now for free.

ads varies from site to site, i mean ad value, your referral clicks (if rented or direct), the offers you make (completing PTSU offers) and also playing grid game (AdGrid) in some sites.

here are the steps to start your way (start making money by clicking ads):--